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Strata & Property Management Services

Tailored Pest Control Solutions for Strata and Property Managers.

As Strata and Property Managers, your managed properties may need regular treatments in
order to maintain a pest-free and hygienic environment. Kevin Joyce Pest Management can
tailor a program to suit your needs, using treatments that cater for their living and working

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Your Management Portfolio may vary, and as such we provide pest services to the following:

Residential: apartment blocks/common areas, all domestic properties (houses, units, boats, etc).

Food Industry: restaurants, cafes, pubs, bakeries, import/export divisions & distribution.

Retail: department stores, supermarkets, shopping centres.

Accommodation: 5-star hotels, motels, travel lodges.

Entertainment: Leagues & RSL clubs, shopping centres, amusement parks, cinemas, theatres.

Sporting Industry: gyms, indoor/outdoor centres, stadiums, sports clubs (golf clubs, etc).

Manufacturing: all factories, from steel to plastic, timber & food.

Storage Facilities: warehouses, car parks, garages.

Educational Institutes: private/public schools, colleges, childcare, training centres.

Health Care: medical centres, hospitals.

Community: religious buildings & centres (including churches, synagogues, mosques & temples),
parks/reserves, nursing homes/retirement villages.

Public Service: police stations, emergency centres, council works, government buildings.

Other: banks, offices, airports, transportation, construction/development sites, etc.


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