Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Pre-Construction Termite Inspection & Management

pre construction termite protection work Pre-Construction Termite Protection is what you need if you’re planning to build your property.







We use the latest techniques for treating the termite infestation problem. We apply direct liquid treatments to the inside, outside and also to the foundation to completely eliminate the termites. We also inject the liquid pesticide (termicide) within the foundation walls, in the foundation, and in all areas around the concrete slabs as a part of their specialised termite control treatment plan. installation of termite protection barrier Another popular pre-construction termite protection treatment we provide is the use of specially treated termite-resistant wood. Some woods are injected with special chemicals to deter these termites, while others are naturally termite resistant. While no method can fully guarantee complete safety against pests, termite-resistant wood is definitely effective in protecting newer homes from termite infestation for a time. We can also create barriers under or surrounding a home’s foundation, as they prove very effective. Chemically treated insulation, synthetic blocks or soil are used for this very purpose. Liquid pre-construction termite protection treatment can also be applied to the soil during home construction phase. These liquids are often applied to the soil before the building slabs are poured. They are effective in preventing subterranean termite infestation.

  • 1.Treatment of the bottom and side surface of the foundation pits and trenches with chemicals
  • 2.Earth is filled on each side of the built up walls, which has immediate contact with the foundation. It is treated with chemical to your substructure. The chemical is directed to masonry surfaces so that earth is in contact with these surfaces and they are well treated with the chemical.
  • 3. Before laying the floor, the top surface of consolidated earth is treated within the plinth walls using some chemical . Back fill against the foundation is treated to its full depth.
  • 4. Builders take care not to disrupt the barrier during later construction work (e.g. during the creation of garden over the treated barrier), as it may lead to untreated gaps.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management are qualified Installers of Homeguard Blue Termite Protection. Homeguard Blue meets Australian Standard 3660-2 as a Termite Protection Barrier for new construction. In the photos below is a new slab with Homeguard Blue installed to the perimeter ready for the construction of the frameworks. For Homeguard Blue to be certified it needs to be compressed between 2 building products. The slab being one then the frame and brick being thereafter. Any quotes for any building work please contact our friendly office staff who will be happy to assist with your enquiry. Contact us on 9559 8344 to discuss your best pre-construction termite protection your options. The cost incurred by these termite protection measures will be minimal in comparison to those potential costs incurred due to the infestation.


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