Pest Inspection

A Pest Inspection will provide peace of mind, ensuring there are no unwanted guests hiding in the property. The Pest Inspection will identify the discovery, or non-discovery, of infestation and/or damage caused by termites (white ants), borers, and wood decay fungi (rot). Statistics from the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (Australia)) indicate that one in three houses in Brisbane has some form of termite damage, with the city ranked as one of Australia’s highest at risk for Termite attack to homes. The most common defects our Inspectors identify during Brisbane Pest Inspections include:
  • Wood-rot
  • Rotten window frames
  • Tree root damage
  • Rotten or termite infested boundary fences
  • Borer and wood decay
  • A Pest Inspection report will provide an opinion on the degree of risk of possible termite infestation and a recommendation for future management.