A full treatment was recommended to the owner by carrying out the following:

  1. 1. Treat activity in the roof beams by applying TERMIDOR dust to the workings. Activity was also found in internal walls of the lounge area and back bedroom.
  2. 2. On further inspection a sub nest was found under the stairwell area and was very large and active.
  3. 3. It took our technician half a day to clear the sub nest as some parts were like cement indicating they had been there for a long time.
  4. 4. The treatment was then carried out to the external areas of the house by drilling a 12 mm hole around the concrete areas every 300mm and inserting TERMIDOR Termite Chemical into the ground which then will form a barrier to the external part of the house.
  5. 5. The house had a partial subfloor area which was trenched around all the brick piers and walls and then chemicals applied to this area as well.
  6. 6. Once all the treatment was done the customer is informed that there will be a requirement to check of the back areas that had been treated with TERMIDOR dust. (It will be checked 7-10 days after initial treatment).
  7. 7. An inspection is carried out on the entire property again after 28 days and if no activity is found then 6 months another inspection will be carried out.
  8. 8. If it is clear a yearly inspection is done as part of the warranty given to the customer for the internal treatment.